+ gREUSABLE system – proven to be the best ENVIRONMENTAL choice!

Glass packaging is widely used by cosmetic companies and is advertised as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. But the reality is that the assessment of the environmental impact of a process is a complex and complex procedure in which many details must be noted, which are rarely taken into account by cosmetic companies. It takes 4,000 years for glassto decompose in nature and at the same time is an ideal raw material for recycling, because it can be processed into new glass products an unlimited number of times.

Рециклирането спестява излишно замърсяване – 20% на въздуха и 50% на водата и много енергия, която би отишла за производство на първично стъкло. Въпреки всичко обаче рециклирането на стъкло е високо енергоемък процес, поради което ние от Lаli Lab сме избрали най-оптималния подход, внедрявайки специализирана система за използване на стъклени опаковки, безопасна за Земята и хората.

+gREUSABLE system – доказано най-добрият екоЛОГИЧЕН избор! Николай Лазаров Nikolay Lazarov


= less energy consumed, harmful emissions and lower carbon footprint 
Efficient use of energy and resources in the production and packaging of cosmetic products

= less pollution of the environment with unprocessed waste
Specially designed system for safe and reusable glass packaging.

= more opportunities, less resources
Traceability of the recycling process to the final stage.

The main packaging of our products is made of glass and can be used repeatedly.
+ After receiving the glass packaging, it is disassembled.
+ Glass bottles and jars are tested and evaluated for suitability.
+ Damaged packaging is collected and sent for recycling.
+ Bottles and jars are subjected to specialized treatment, harmless to us and the environment and are used again.
+ All parts that cannot be used repeatedly are recycled.

To ensure the safety and quality of our products, the system monitors the process at all stages to ensure that the goal is achieved. This reduces the use of plastic by us and the consumer and we guarantee that even the small amount of used plastic will be recycled and will not go into nature and one day become microplastic, permanently polluting the environment and our own bodies.

You will receive the necessary information about the content, properties and use of our products in a leaflet made of recycled paper.


Every one of our conscious choices creates a better world!!
“5 for 5”


  1. Ored your personalized Lali products!
  2. Keep the +gR-packaging* unbroken and in good condition.
  3. Pack no less than 5 pcs. of +gR-packaging* in safe and environmentally friendly materials, and send them by courier on our expense to our nearest +gR-point *** to get your unlimited +gR-discount **!

Note: To send your +gR-packaging* follow the instructions: Go to the nearest SPEEDY office in Bulgaria and indicate the recipient code: Lali5za5, and phone number 08998 09889. In addition to your name and phone number, please provide your email address. SPEEDY will deliver to our nearest +gR-point *** your reusable packaging, which can be reused after passing through our safe and environmentally friendly system of cleaning and renewal of glass packaging!

BE RESPONSIBLE! (!) Do it, because every broken glass bottle decomposes in nature for over 4,000 years.

+gR-packaging* are all glass packaging of Lali products used by you, preserved in good form, without breaking.
+gR-discount ** – The discount is given for every 5 pcs. of +gR-packaging*, preserved in good form, without breaking. It is valid for a single online purchase from the site www.lalilab.co, without restrictions on the number of products purchased. The amount of the discount is 5% of your next online purchase, for which you will receive a personal one-time code via email! 
+gR-point *** – We uphold the principle of the closest geographical position of our sites, in order to minimize the use of natural resources and minimizing carbon footprint. +gR-point is the closest point that our partners from the logistics company will determine for your location.

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