ppCORE ACTIVES: What should the core of modern cosmetics contain?

ppCORE ACTIVES: Какво трябва да съдържа ядрото на съвременните козметични продукти? лечебни растения Николай Лазаров, Nikolay Lazarov

After many studies, clinical tests and practical trials of formulas with medicinal plants and extracts, we chose the most effective and created THREE SYNERGISTIC ACTIVES* to protect and combat the stressors of the new age and the polluted reality.

*Embedded in all L’ali® products synergistically complementing the active ingredients formulated to meet the individual needs of each skin, scalp and hair.

We have combined the power of nature especially for you in the traditionally used herbal extracts and cold-pressed oils, with a new generation of clinically proven active ingredients of plant origin.

We have developed formulations of pure high-tech products for personalized complete care! With care for the health and beauty of your skin and hair! They will always be by your side for natural protection and regeneration in the conditions of modern reality!

The perfect symbiosis between tradition and modernism,
in harmony and balance!